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  • March 31, 2007



Dear Brenda:


Thank you so much for making mom’s move such a fluid and carefree experience!  By offering your superb organizational expertise and history in helping individuals relocate Mary Louise was able to move gracefully from her home of 41 years to her new apartment at the independent living community.

Brenda, from helping mom downsize, to working with her on measuring and designing the new space, to tagging the furniture and cupboards for packing, to coordinating with the moving company, to managing all aspects of the move-in day..you’re attention to details infused with care and creativity---- through.

We’ve told so many friends about move-in day.  Never would we have imagined that at 8:00 a.m. the packers and you would load and transport all furniture and belongings over to the Village and by 8:00 p.m. linens would be meticulously folded in the linen closet; her beds made-fluffy pillows in place; her clothes hung organized, hats ready for the wearing; spices organized in the cabinets; flatware and cutlery in drawers ready for the next meal.  From the “I love Mom” pillow hanging from mom’s bedroom doorknob to the ceramic cat perfectly positioned in the living room, your organizational artistry made it feel like you had lived there for years.

And you did it all with graciousness, warmth and humor!  We could not have done the move without you and we know others will be so grateful as we are when they walk into their new home.

As you know, while we sell the house we will continue to be in touch with you for much needed resources.  Thank you already for those names and numbers.  We’ve been very pleased with the quality of the services.  We’ll continue to pass the word on about you and your fabulous contribution.

Continue success Brenda!


Warm regards,



Terri Barns-Canfield


  • August 2004


Dear Brenda, 


I've known for years that the earth is populated with angels who are sent to help us whenever we need them. I've only met a very few angels in my life, and I never expected to find one in Arizona dressed in shorts and a polo shirt, but I definitely did when you were part of my Mother, Grace Hall's, recent move.

Your help when Mother moved into Heritage Tradition in Sun City West was invaluable. The best decision Mother made (after deciding to sell her duplex) was hiring you to orchestrate the whole thing.

We are a pretty typical twenty-first century family. My daughter and I live in Illinois near St. Louis, MO, my brother and his family live in Houston, my son is in Grand Prairie, TX, and Mother is in Arizona. If her move had been left up to us, it would have meant many days away from our jobs, several trips to Sun City West and, I know, a move that was disorganized at best. As it turned out, my brother made one trip to help her sort and pack, then I came to help her unpack. In between, she had you.  Your knowledge of Heritage Tradition's floor plans gave her the time to do a little bit every day and think through the difficult decisions about what to keep and what to give away or sell. Unbelievably, everything she took with her fit perfectly in her new

home. Between you and my brother, most of her things were already sorted, boxed and labeled on moving day.

I've moved nineteen times in my life, so I know how chaotic it usually is, but moving day with you in charge was a dream. The movers came at 8:00 am (you were there at 7:45!), and when I looked around at 5:30pm that afternoon, there were only two boxes left to unpack. We had a few things stacked in the den, but overall, every room was set up and ready to go (even the kitchen!). And wonder of wonders, you even took all the empty boxes and paper away and arranged for the trash to be picked up! I've never seen anything run so efficiently in my life.

I've been home a week now and talked to Mother over the weekend. Because the move went so smoothly, she is spending her time getting to know people at Heritage and even went to a fitness class.  She told me you had called to see if she needed anything. That kind of caring is part of what prompts me to give you "angel" status.

You are truly well placed in your chosen profession. You exude calm and order in the midst of a time that is emotional and could be traumatic. I know I was tired at the end of our long moving day, but if you were, you hid it very well!

On behalf of our family, thank you for everything you did to make this

experience a wonderful beginning, rather than a painful ending, for all of us.



Pat White


  • February 15, 2002

    It is with great pleasure that I highly recommend Brenda Scagnetti-Clement and her company, "Complete Organizational Services". In the pursuit to locate someone who could manage my specific needs pertaining to both organizing/moving and health circumstances, two companies suggested that Ms. Clement and her services would be appreciated for my particular situation.

    Ms. Clement completed all projects with efficiency and dedication. She is completely trustworthy and dependable. Her responsibilities involved all aspects related to a local and, ultimately, cross-country move for an entire household at a 13-year residence. Ms. Clement consistently demonstrated an ability to focus and perform in any type of situation, as well as maintaining flexibility and courteousness at all times.

    Ms. Clement possesses excellent business capability and judgment, and also provides elements of personal interest, understanding and sincerity. Any individual or company who utilizes
    Ms. Clement's professional services will experience the utmost satisfaction as a result of her outstanding qualifications.

    Very truly yours,

    Jan Myers


  • June 2000

    Brenda has been very kind to organize me and alleviate my stress on several occasions. She is kind, efficient, and creates friends quickly. You have an instant feeling of trust and well being when she handles any of your organizational projects. Brenda's integrity is above reproach. She is honest, dependable, and punctual - always doing her best to organize you in the least expensive most efficient way possible. She has become a great friend and her professionalism, courtesy, and thoughtful sincerity makes her tops in her field. I recommend her highly for any organizational work.


    Etta Margason, Master of Arts


  • March 19, 1999

    We are writing to let you know much we appreciate the service and support we received from you during our recent home purchase. You went way above and beyond the call of duty for us. As you know, Jeff and I have extremely busy work schedules, coupled with the fact that I was spending the majority of my time in California. You would meet us at any time of the day we requested without any hesitation or complaint. Furthermore, you handled a myriad of duties in a highly professional and organized manner. You also were very willing to pitch in and get your hands dirty, whether it meant packing boxes and helping organize the garage. You were simply outstanding!

    Brenda, we know you pride yourself on hard work and service to the customer. Anything we asked of you, including finding someone to ship some last minute purchases to California, you accomplished with great spirit and diligence. You have our highest recommendation and we certainly look forward to doing business with you in the future.


    Tami Fazio and Jeff Moran


  • December 18, 1998

    I recently had the occasion to employ the services of Complete Organizational Services. Brenda Scagnetti-Clement is the most organized person I have ever met. I am sorry that I went so long without the benefit of her services. I believe that if people only knew the difference it could make in their businesses to have them organized the way Brenda organized my real estate office, they would not hesitate to hire her. I also found her extremely professional, friendly, patient and intelligent. It was a pleasure having her work with me in organizing my company, and in the process, she has become a good friend.

    With my highest personal regards,

    Gary Ciampi